Please Call 1-207-244-5857
to make a Reservation.


We are pet friendly here! Three Rules. 1-You must pick up after your dog to the disposal, or be fined $25 per incident. 2-You must keep your pets on a leash outside. 3-You must control the noise of your pet. If your cannot follow these rules you will be asked to leave.

Quiet hours at Bass Harbor Campground are from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and are strictly enforced! Small campfires and quiet conversation are permitted, but courtesy for others around your campsite is paramount. Those who cannot be quiet during the quiet hours will be asked to leave.

While we enjoy campfires ourselves, campers must be responsible and not leave their fires unattended. AT NO TIME WILL BONFIRES BE ALLOWED!

If you choose to stay at Bass Harbor Campground you must observe the rules or be prepared to forfeit the charges for your entire stay. These few rules are in place to protect you from inconsiderate people and you may be assured that your stay "on the quiet side" will be just that


If you reserve a RV site, Water and Electric site, a Pop-up Camper site or a Tent site, we require a deposit of half of your total.

After a Reservation is made and we send an email with the your site info - Site/Cabin No., Dates, Deposit info, etc. The Reservation is in effect. Any changes, i.e. a different start date, a different site, more or less dates, etc... There will be $10 fee for any changes made after your initial reservation (please be firm with your plans before reserving). This applies to reservations made using the phone lines and/or On-Line Reservations. Every subsequent change made will incur an additional $10 fee.

To reserve a Cabin we require a deposit of half of the total. If you reserve and then need to cancel, you will forfeit your deposit unless you notify us 14 days in advance.  If this happens your deposit will be refunded, less a $30 cancellation fee.


Should you need to cancel your reservation, and you must notify us at least 14 days, the cancellation fee is $30.00. (Tent & RV). (Your deposit minus the $30.00 fee will be returned to you). If you cancel with less than 14 days notice, you will forfeit your deposit for all of the sites you reserved.

NOTE: Any cancellation to your reservation must in email or written form to be accepted by Bass Harbor Campground. Use fax if time is of the essence. Our fax number is 207-244-9316. Email:

Minimum stays and other policies

Holiday weekends and entire week of July 4th: 3 Day Minimum Reservation for tent and RV sites. This policy will be enforced whether you have read the rules or not.

There are NO refunds on holiday reservations to include associated weekends.

If you have reserved a site and you do not show up before noon the day following and do not call to inform us that you will be unable to occupy the site the first day of your reservation, the site will be considered available for rental. You will forfeit your deposit. Further, the site may be occupied and another site may not be available.

Late arrivals: We will place a map with your name on it on our “Late Arrival” board outside of our office. Please find your site and stop by in the morning to officially check in.

If, when you arrive at Bass Harbor Campground, you decide to shorten the length of your reserved stay, you will still be responsible for the full amount of your reservation. If you have reserved additional sites for friends and/or family and decide you don't need the additional site(s), you will still be responsible for the full amount of your original reservation of all the sites and total number of days rented. Therefore, as soon as you are aware of any changes you would be prudent to call two weeks before your arrival date to avoid losing your deposit and site charges. If you should decide to leave Bass Harbor Campground early before the completion of your reservation you are still responsible for your site charges and will be charged the full amount of the reservation for the total number of days you reserved.




Call 207-244-5857 to make a reservation!